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A police impersonator made phony traffic stops in East L.A.

A person decked out in a phony law enforcement uniform carrying a fake badge and a loaded gun was recently arrested in East Los Angeles after making unlawful traffic stops, according to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.

The man, whom deputies declined to identify, is accused of illegally impersonating an officer and carrying a loaded firearm in public, according to Sgt. Jose Arias, the watch commander at LASD’s Industry Station.

Arias said the impersonator made multiple unlawful traffic stops over several months, but noted that investigators were not aware whether the man took any enforcement action, such as requesting ticket payment or detaining anyone. Arias did not know the circumstances when the man pulled someone over, but he said the investigation is ongoing.

LASD officials shared photos of the arrest, which showed the man wearing a motor officer patch on a navy blue uniform. He was riding a motorcycle that appeared to be equipped with red and blue lights and carried a tactical vest, which had a silver badge. He also had what appeared to be a gun, a baton and a body camera.

Officials said the man made the phony traffic stops in the east Valinda area near Nogales High School. Detectives ask that anyone who had been pulled over by the impersonator to contact the Sheriff’s Department.

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