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At least 1 injured in crash involving L.A. County sheriff’s SUV

At least one person was injured when a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department patrol vehicle collided with another car in Artesia on Wednesday morning, officials said.

Details of how the crash occurred were not immediately released. Sheriff’s officials said the patrol vehicle crashed into a black sedan just before 10 a.m. near Pioneer Boulevard and 183rd Street.

One person was taken to a nearby hospital with unknown injuries, according to a spokesperson with the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

Firefighters extricated four people who were trapped inside their vehicles, a spokesperson with the Fire Department said. It was not immediately clear how many people were in each vehicle.

Video posted by KTTV-TV Channel 11 shows the mangled patrol SUV on the sidewalk, wedged between two utility poles on one side and a home on the other.

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