Biden DOJ Seeks Jail Time for Reporter Who Didn’t Even Go Into the Capitol

Federal prosecutors are seeking a four-month prison sentence for Infowars host Owen Shroyer over his actions on January 6th, even though the radio host never entered the Capitol that day.

Shroyer instead was in an area near the top of the building’s steps and led rioters in chants about Democrats and “tyranny.”

He pled guilty in June to a misdemeanor charge of illegally entering a restricted area. For that, the Department of Justice would like to see him sent to prison for 120 days.

In addition, they are seeking “12 months of supervised release, 60 hours of community service, and $500 in restitution.”

A government sentencing memorandum posted by Politico reporter Kyle Cheney, despite the guilty plea, shockingly focuses heavily on Shroyer’s words over his alleged actions.

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DOJ Wants Infowars Host Jailed Even Though He Never Entered The Capitol

Four months of prison time for entering a restricted area is just the pinnacle of evidence of a two-tiered justice system here in America under the Biden regime.

How many Black Lives Matter protesters entered restricted areas during the race riots of 2020? How many Antifa slugs entered restricted areas over the past few years, particularly in Portland, Oregon, where they tried to burn down a federal courthouse?

And how many of those people served jail time for their actions? Not many at all, according to the Wall Street Journal.

You’ll also notice that the previous president didn’t launch a full-on attack by the Department of Justice on protesters who violently rioted on inauguration day in 2017. In fact, their charges were all dropped.

Additionally, the government sentencing memorandum is a hostile attack on Shroyer’s free speech rights.

In the court filing, prosecutors focused on the claim that “Shroyer spread election disinformation paired with violent rhetoric to hundreds of thousands, if not millions of viewers.”

It’s now criminal to voice your opinion on a radio show.

“Shroyer did not step foot inside the Capitol,” prosecutors admit but, “he did not need to; many of those who listened to him did instead.”

Shroyer, they state, “helped create January 6.”

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Criminalizing Free Speech?

Even Raw Story seems surprised that the DOJ is seeking jail time in this case “despite low-level convictions.”

While Infowars host Owen Shroyer will be sentenced for the crime to which he pled guilty, the DOJ’s focus on his speech that day is a chilling attempt to criminalize normally mundane words and opinions from President Joe Biden’s political opponents.

If you’re not shocked and angered by this, if you haven’t been all along since January 6th, you should be.

Federal prosecutors, at the behest of President Biden, are jailing supporters of his opponents at such an alarming rate it might make Vladimir Putin blush.

Shroyer stated in a sworn affidavit that he tried to help de-escalate the situation.

He “stood near (conspiracy theorist Alex Jones) as he addressed the crowd from a bullhorn urging them to leave the area and behave peacefully,” the affidavit reads.

“They’re asking for prison time for a man that did nothing and was there with me trying to stop people going to the Capitol because he still says he thinks the election was stolen. Well, that’s his right,” Jones said Wednesday.

Vice President Kamala Harris recently demanded “accountability” for January 6th protesters, along with former President Donald Trump who was indicted by Special Counsel Jack Smith on charges related to 2020 election interference and the Capitol riot.

They only want accountability for people of a certain voting persuasion. That’s what dictators do.

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