Brit Hume of FOX News Admits Trump’s Policies on the Border and the Middle East Were ‘Better Than What We Have Now’ (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Brit Hume admitted on the air this week that Trump’s policies with regard to the U.S. border and on the Middle East were ‘better than what we have now.’

Millions of Americans already realize this, but it’s nice to hear someone at FOX News besides Sean Hannity finally say it.

Will other people on the network come around in this way?

Real Clear Politics provides a transcript:

FORMER PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: We will reduce the Iranian economy and I withdrew from the disastrous Iran nuclear deal, imposed the toughest ever sanctions on the regime… Joe Biden undid it. He undid it all and gave billions and billions of dollars to the world’s top sponsor of terror, tossing Israel to the bloodthirsty terrorists and jihadists.

BAIER: Brit, is he wrong?

BRIT HUME, FOX NEWS: He is not wrong about that. Whatever you think about Donald Trump and however you feel about him, this does not mean that the policies that he adopted on our border and Israel’s border and in the Middle East we’re not preferable to the mess we’ve got now. You see [Secretary of State] Tony Blinken, and maybe U.S. intelligence doesn’t back up what “The Wall Street Journal” is reporting. But I believe it, what “The Wall Street Journal” is reporting. And it means that we do not only have to recalibrate our attitude towards Israelis and Palestinians, but we need to stop fantasies that we can do business with an honorable Islamic regime. There is no such thing.

See the video below:

Trump’s policies were better than Biden’s across the board. Under Biden, everything seems to be falling apart. We have no border, war is breaking out all over, and inflation is through the roof. It’s a shame more people in media aren’t willing to admit it.

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