CBS Margaret Brennan Openly Ridiculed Kevin McCarthy for Suggesting Democrats Tried to Stop the Passing of Continuing Resolution: “Democrats Were the Ones Who Voted for This!” | The Gateway Pundit

On Saturday, the House of Representatives passed a last-minute bill to keep the government funded for an additional 45 days, narrowly averting a government shutdown that would have commenced today, October 1. The bill, spearheaded by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), was signed by Biden on the same day.

With a 335-91 vote, the House approved the temporary funding measure, which notably excludes $6 billion in funding for Ukraine. The bill does include provisions for disaster relief, a feature that likely swayed some Democrats to vote in favor. It should be noted that 90 GOP members voted against the measure, with only one Democrat voted no.


House Speaker Kevin McCarthy joined CBS Face the Nation on Sunday with Margaret Brennan for a sit-down interview.

During the interview, Kevin McCarthy was openly ridiculed by host Margaret Brennan for suggesting that Democrats had been trying to obstruct the passing of a continuing resolution that upholds the spending levels and policies set by the Biden-Pelosi-Schumer.

“Were you confident we wouldn’t shut down?” asked Brennan.

“I was confident I could get something on the floor to make sure that option that we would not…,” said McCarthy

“But you weren’t sure it would pass,” Brennan interjected, seemingly teasing McCarthy.

“Well, I wasn’t sure it was gonna pass,” McCarthy told Brennan, “You know why? Because the Democrats tried to do everything they can not to let it pass.”

At this point, Brennan laughed off McCarthy’s claim, stating, “Democrats were the ones who voted for this in a larger number than Republicans to keep the continuing resolution alive.”

Unfazed by Brennan’s dismissive attitude, McCarthy responded: “Did you watch the floor yesterday?”

“Yes, 90 Republicans voted against it,” Brennan quickly replied.

McCarthy then elaborated on the legislative process behind the scenes. “Okay, first of all, the Democrats stood up and did dilatory actions, asked to adjourn. So was that supporting to adjourn? Then they used the magic minute. They went as far as pulling the fire alarm not to try to get the bill to come up. Look, Democrats stick together, but they did not want the bill. They were willing to let the government shut down for our military not to be paid.”


The resolution was actually celebrated by the far-left Democrat congressmen.

Socialist AOC celebrated the passing of the resolution, calling it a “win-win.”

“Here’s what went down: we just won a clean 45 day gov extension, stripped GOP’s earlier 30% cuts to Social Security admin etc, staved off last minute anti-immigrant hijinks, and averted shutdown (for now). People will get paychecks and MTG threw a tantrum on the way out. Win-win,” AOC wrote.

Hakeem Jeffries also celebrated the passing of the bill, stating, “MAGA Republicans have surrendered. All extreme right-wing policies have been removed from the House spending bill. The American people have won.”

Even Democrat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) confirmed that McCarthy worked with Democrats to pass the resolution.

“At the last minute, Speaker McCarthy abandoned his extreme right, worked with Democrats who overwhelmingly helped pass a bipartisan CR, in which we maintained full funding, added $10B in disaster. Won and done. Now we need to fix Ukraine support, and fast!”

Shortly after the vote, news broke that Kevin McCarthy pulled a fast one and made a side deal with GOP Minority leader Mitch McConnell and Joe Biden to fund Ukraine.

“When the House returns, we expect Speaker McCarthy to advance a bill to the House Floor for an up-or-down vote that supports Ukraine, consistent with his commitment to making sure that Vladimir Putin, Russia and authoritarianism are defeated. We must stand with the Ukrainian people until victory is won,” according to the statement released by the House Democrat leadership.

McCarthy did not tell House Republicans about the deal until after the continuing resolution passed, according to Matt Gaetz.

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