Chinese Journalist Said to Have Given Birth to a Love Child From Ousted Foreign Minister Qin Gang Has Disappeared – Mentions of Fu Xiaotian Are Being Censored From Chinese Social Media | The Gateway Pundit

A rumored affair has shaken the Chinese Communist Party’s highest echelons, leading to the disappearance from the public eye the ousted Chinese foreign minister Qin Gang, and his alleged lover, TV presenter Fu Xiaotian.

Neither of the two have been heard from since April — and mentions of the journalist have been suppressed on China’s top social media platform.

The New York Post reported:

“The married Qin was removed from his position as Beijing’s top diplomat after a probe by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) revealed he had carried on an affair during an 18-month stint as ambassador to Washington.”

The identity of the Minister’s lover has not been officially revealed, but posters on China’s social media platform Weibo have long named the former Phoenix TV presenter Fu Xiaotian as Gang’s love interest.

All discussion of her has recently been blocked by moderators, and users refer to her by abbreviations to avoid their posts being flagged.

Fu’s latest social media post, from April 10th, stated that she was returning to Beijing from Los Angeles, as well as a picture of her son, Er-Kin, who is rumored to have been fathered by Qin.

“’Last time flying alone with this aircraft was from LA to DC for a work visit, and that both happily and sadly turned to be the very last interview I did with Talk with World Leaders’, she wrote, referring to the program she used to work for. ‘This aircraft was also from LA, but with precious baby son Er-Kin’.”

Users long speculated on rumors of prior romantic entanglements of Fu with notable officials.

“Fu is also believed to have maintained a private Instagram account, on which she posted photos of her son’s ‘100th day of life’ last March 4.

‘Oh, and just so you know, my son’s father is not American’, she wrote. ‘We’re actually planning to return to our home country soon, and we’re extremely excited about it!’”

Gang is rumored to have fathered a love child during his tenure in Washington DC.

Sportskeeda reported:

“On Tuesday, September 19, China’s Foreign Affairs Minister Qin Gang was fired from his post, the Wall Street Journal reported. He was ousted on the grounds of having an affair on American soil, which allegedly resulted in a love child.”

The duo was often seen together, and later disappeared from the public eye around the same time, in July 2023.

Qin Gang’s affair happened sometime between 2021 and early 2023 when he served as the Chinese Ambassador to the USA in Washington, DC. Now, after the completion of the investigation, Qin Gang has been officially sacked from his role as the Minister of Foreign Affairs of China.”

Fu Xiaotian rose to fame as the host of a one-on-one political interview show on Phoenix TV called ‘Talk with World Leaders’, between 2014 and 2022.

Apart from the Chinese government’s internal investigation, the affair of Qin and Fu grabbed attention when the latter posted an image of her son on Twitter in April alongside a screenshot of her interview with Gang.

Not only that, but she also took to her now-private Instagram account in March to say that her son’s father was not American and that she and him were planning to return to their home country.”

Wang Yi has replaced Qin Gang as China’s foreign minister. An investigation is underway to determine whether Gang’s affair affected the country’s national security.

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