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Police in the progressive haven of Portland, Oregon are telling residents not to call 911 ‘except in event of life/death emergency.’

Certain parts of the United States are regressing into the wild wild west as crime surges with less resources.

This is a good reminder to be prepared for anything. There is no guarantee that the police will be able to help you or even to respond in an emergency.

PJ Media reports:

‘Your Call Cannot Be Completed as Dialed.’ Portland Asks Residents Not to Call 911

The chickens continue to come home to roost for progressive cities. While it is tempting to make remarks about savoring the schadenfreude of the various moments, karma being a b***h, or getting what one voted for, it is more like driving by a fatal car accident on the highway. Mainly because for every arrogant progressive who is getting a proverbial snootful from the uptick of crime due to Democrat policies, there are people who are getting caught in the crossfire…

News Nation reports that on Monday, Portland’s safety commissioner, Rene Gonzalez, announced via social media:

Our 911 system is getting hammered this morning with a multiple person incident — multiple overdoses in northwest park blocks. Please do not call 911 except in event of life/death emergency or crime in progress (or chance of apprehending suspect). For non-emergency please use 503-823-3333.

Appearing on the show “On Balance,” Gonzalez told host Leland Vittert that the system was swamped and something had to be done. She said that Measure 110, which decriminalized the possession of drugs and reduced many felonies to misdemeanors, was supposed to provide support services to addicts. However, the effort was curtailed due to the arrival of COVID-19.

Isn’t this why people pay taxes? So that the police will respond when they call?

Why do people put up with this?

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