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Exploding teddy bear leads to drugs and weapons arrest in San Bernardino

A man was arrested after he allegedly detonated an explosive inside a teddy bear in front of a business in San Bernardino, leading authorities to discover a cache of weapons and drugs, police said this week.

In a statement on social media Tuesday, the San Bernardino Police Department said officers responded to a possible explosive device inside a teddy bear that was detonated in front of a business. Police did not offer an explanation for why the suspect blew up the teddy bear.

The department released surveillance video of the explosion. A man can be seen putting the teddy bear on the ground of the business’ parking lot next to a white van and then walking away. The teddy bear then explodes.

After reviewing the footage, detectives executed a search warrant at the suspect’s home. The man was arrested on multiple felony counts, according to police. He was not identified.

Officers recovered a ghost gun, more than 200 rounds of ammunition, more than a kilo of methamphetamine, illegal fireworks, a ballistic vest, cash and metal pipes and saws consistent with making an explosive device, authorities said.

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