Greg Gutfeld Dings FOX and RNC for Including Univision in GOP Debate: ‘Worst Partnership Since Bud Light Hired Dylan Mulvaney’ (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

During ‘The Five’ on FOX News on Friday, host Greg Gutfeld took shots at his own network and the RNC for including Univision in the second Republican debate.

Much like Megyn Kelly, Gutfeld criticized moderator Ilia Calderon, noting the liberal bias embedded in her questions.

At one point, Greg qualifies his criticism, saying this was more on the RNC than FOX but his point was already made.

The Washington Examiner has details:

Fox News anchor Greg Gutfeld compared his network’s partnership with Univision to that of Bud Light and Dylan Mulvaney.

The two networks came together to host and moderate the second Republican primary debate on Wednesday. A panel of moderators included Dana Perino of Fox News, Stuart Varney of Fox Business, and Ilia Calderon of Univision. Gutfeld congratulated Perino on Thursday during The Five, claiming she was “shouldering the load for two hours.”

“My problem with the debate wasn’t really the candidates at all because the outcomes you get are created by the design, and Fox joining Univision perhaps was the worst partnership I’ve ever seen since Bud Light hired Dylan Mulvaney,” Gutfeld said.

“I mean, you have a host unload a litany of liberal cliches whose premises we challenge successfully every day. And yet, they were treated as approved truths,” he said of Calderon. “She had no follow-up to each one, which is weird, so it was like a deliberate list prepared by the DNC to tweak the candidates, to tweak the audience. It didn’t feel like a journalism debate to me. It felt like The View without pastries.”

Here’s the video:

Will the GOP finally get the message about this? No one was happy with how this debate worked out and it’s all because the GOP repeatedly allows people who hate Republicans to moderate debates.

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