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Most political discourse around the weekend’s terror attack by Hamas against Israeli concert-goers, where an alleged 800 plus have been killed and an unknown more kidnapped, has predominantly supported Israel and 10 million Israelis, and a minority has argued for the interests of millions of Palestinian civilians. 

Some of the attackers broke through Israeli border security by flying motorized paragliders on their way to commit violent terrorism.

But then BLM Chicago today tweeted an image in support of the Hamas terrorists who are accused of conducting an ongoing terror attack against civilians.

Billionaire owner of X Elon Musk, formerly known as Twitter, even chimed in to say “your position is clear.”

The comments under the post are strongly critical of their support for the terrorists.

BLM Chicago also reposted comments suggesting the Israeli response was genocide against Palestinians.

Journalism Julia Ioffe posed the question to BLM Chicago about whether they were advocating killing cops and raping their families:


No other prominent political group or politician shared this explicit endorsement of Hamas’ terrorism. Even Palestinian Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib released a statement supportive of the victims, while still working in a few words recognizing Palestinian suffering. Joe Biden has described the terror attack as “an act of sheer evil” in a speech today. President Trump has pointed to the billions Biden gave Iran as likely helping to finance the Hamas attack, as well as pointing out the attacks would not have happened if he had not been forced out of office.

A Democrat legislator in Colorado was caught refraining from condemning the Hamas attacks, but still stopped short of endorsing terrorism.

Black Lives Matter is a group formed by Marxist Patrisse Cullors who ended up using many of the funds raised to finance their private lifestyles. Within several years, they were described as a ‘political powerhouse‘ by Politico.

The group has been criticized for using crime-related race hoaxes to advance a far-left political agenda.

BLM Chicago was founded by Aislinn Pulley. Pulley is currently the co-executive director at the Chicago Torture Justice Center.

BLM has been lavishly funded in the past by American corporations, including McDonalds, Allstate, Quaker Oats, Gatorade, Grubhub in addition to IBM, Microsoft, Target, Doordash, Bank of America, Paypal, Uber, Comcast, Etsy, among others.

Other groups and individuals have taken pro-Hamas stands after the weekend’s terror attacks. Porn star Mia Khalifa was fired from Playboy and other porn outlets after celebrating and promoting the Hamas attacks. Other celebrities are receiving online criticism for supporting Israel and some for not expressing support for the Palestinians. Kylie Jenner was recently criticized for supporting Israel while not inspiring confidence that she knew many details about the long-standing conflict and after losing a reported 1 million followers after expressing her support for the Jewish state.

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