Jack Lew nomination to be U.S. ambassador to Israel to get renewed push by Senate Dems

Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.) is preventing many military promotions from a quick vote in protest over the Pentagon’s abortion travel policy.

“This is serious business. If he wants to change healthcare policy at DOD, he can introduce a bill. But he cannot undermine our ability to partner with our allies and partners,” Schatz said on Saturday.

Senate Republicans will have some sway over how quickly the Lew nomination will move through the chamber. And Senate Foreign Relations ranking member Jim Risch (R-Idaho) signaled he would be open to cooperation.

“The file for the Lew nomination was just completed last week, which is a critical step as the committee moves toward a hearing,” said a spokesperson for Risch. “The attacks on Israel are a clear provocation, and the U.S. team on the ground is so far doing well. The committee will perform its due diligence as quickly as possible to move this nomination forward.”

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has previously put holds on some Biden administration nominees for posts related to the Middle East, raising questions about how quickly Lew could move through the Senate.

A spokesperson on Saturday said Cruz has not yet met with Lew but indicated deep concerns about administration nominees related to Israel.

“Sen. Cruz has said since the summer that it was becoming impossible to expeditiously advance Biden administration nominees because those nominees keep lying to Congress and the American people, testifying publicly that they are committed to countering Iran and deepening the U.S.-Israel relationship then implementing the opposite policies in secret once confirmed,” the spokesperson said. “He will evaluate Lew’s nomination against the backdrop of those concerns.”

Biden administration officials also are eager to see Lew confirmed in light of the Saturday’s attacks in Israel. In a conference call Saturday, one senior official noted that he has yet to be confirmed. “Obviously it would be great to have him on the ground in Israel,” the official said.

Jennifer Haberkorn and Myah Ward contributed to this report.

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