Jim Caviezel Warns Anti-Christian Bias Will Cost ‘Sound Of Freedom’ The Best Picture Oscar

Despite not having the support of mainstream Hollywood, Sound Of Freedom has become the surprise hit of the summer, earning over $164 million at the domestic box office at the time of this writing. While the movie’s star Jim Caviezel believes that the film deserves to win the Oscar for Best Picture, however, he feels that anti-Christian bias will stop that from happening.

Sound Of Freedom 

Sound of Freedom is based on the true story of the real life government agent Tim Ballard (Caviezel), who quit his job to travel to Colombia to save a little girl who had been sex trafficked. The film exposes the very real issue of child trafficking, something that many argue is frequently swept under the rug in this country.

In a newly surfaced interview from back in June, Caviezel opened up about showing Sound Of Freedom to two Oscar-winning directors.

“Both of them were absolutely stunned,” he recalled. “One of them is my good friend Mel Gibson, and the other one likes to remain anonymous. Mel was weeping.”

Gibson directed Caviezel in the 2004 movie The Passion Of The Christ, and the two men have remained close in the years since then.

Caviezel Believes Oscars Will Ignore Sound Of Freedom 

Despite the directors’ reaction to Sound Of Freedom, however, Caviezel is not expecting the film to do well at the Oscars.

“In a fair world, this would hands-down win Best Picture,” he explained. ” But, like [The Passion Of The Christ], they won’t touch this one… that year [2004] was the first year the Academy Awards got moved up two months earlier, and not on a Monday, but on a Sunday. So we started on a Wednesday, because it was Ash Wednesday.”

“I remember Billy Crystal on stage with his mouth just dropped, because they weren’t the main attraction – Jesus was,” he continued. “He was the main attraction, and they were so upset, because here they were celebrating themselves… the people’s choice, the people said The Passion. They chose to block us out, and they’ve become the irrelevant show now.”

Not stopping there, Caviezel proceeded to say that he is “done with the woke” and “pedo laws” of Hollywood, before calling out Disney for allegedly trying to remove God from the script of the 2002 remake of The Count of Monte Christo, which he starred in.

“I held my ground and by God, they backed off,” he recounted. “We’ve got to be strong Christians like that, to hold our ground when we have to. And say you know what, I’m not buying that product anymore.”

Check out Caviezel’s full comments on this in the video below.

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Caviezel: Christianity Is Under Attack 

While promoting Sound Of Freedom, Caviezel has tried to sound the alarm about how he feels that Christianity is under attack in this country.

“The problem is that modern day Christianity has become so weak and useless,” Caviezel told Fox News last month. “I mean, modern day Christians are more afraid of the devil than they are of God. God could destroy the devil without a glance, but he looks to us to make a decision.”

Caviezel went on to allege that Americans “don’t want” God in the country’s religion and universities, which he claims has caused “moral decay” in society.

“So, you have moral depravity. I mean, moral decay everywhere, falling apart,” he continued. “Laws don’t mean anything anymore. We don’t have a First Amendment…There’s no such thing as free speech anymore. You’re absolutely destroyed everywhere, and the media throws out everybody’s a racist.”

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The success of Sound Of Freedom at the box office just goes to show that average Americans have had enough of the woke nonsense that Hollywood puts out these days. Those woke movies may be popular at the box office, but many of them could never hope to make the kind of money that a Christian movie like Sound Of Freedom has.

If you haven’t checked out Sound Of Freedom yet, this weekend is the perfect time to do it. Let’s continue to stick it to mainstream Hollywood by making Sound Of Freedom an even bigger hit!

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