Joe Biden’s Special Envoy to Iran and Principal Architect on Resurrecting Nuclear Deal Accused of Sharing Classified Information with Islamic Regime | The Gateway Pundit

it appears Joe Biden’s foreign policy truly is as disastrous as his domestic policy only to be topped by his open border policy.

House Republicans claim the US. Special Envoy to Iran Robert Malley, “may have had a compromising tie to the Iranian regime.”

Robert Malley, a deranged Trump hater, has already been suspended from his position with the Biden regime. The FBI is investigating him and whether or not he mishandled classified information.

Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) told FOX News on Thursday that Malley’s security violations were so serious that he was suspended without pay, and his security clearances were suspended as well.

Malley was the Biden regime’s Iran envoy during negotiations on restarting the Iran nuclear deal.

Rep. Michael McCaul: “He’s a special envoy for Iran. He is the principal architect, the negotiator on the Iran deal to resurrect the Iran deal. And the concern is that we tried to get him before my committee to testify, to brief us on Iran, and he was basically AWOL. And then we found out that he was suspended without pay because he had problems with his security clearance. He had compromised classified information, we think, with Iran, and now there’s a wider investigation into this. You can’t make this stuff up, Martha. I mean, between that and the $6 billion they’ve pledged to put into Iran, the largest state sponsor of terror, all in the name of getting another JCPOA deal done, it’s not acceptable to House Republicans.

Via FOX News and Midnight Rider.

The New York Post reported on Robert Malley in August:

President Biden’s special Iran envoy had his security clearance suspended earlier this year after “serious” issues were raised internally about his handling of “protected material,” according to a leaked State Department memo published over the weekend by an Iranian media outlet.

Robert Malley was placed on unpaid leave effective at the end of June, but the State Department declined to specify why, drawing scrutiny from congressional Republicans.

The Tehran Times, an English-language daily newspaper believed to have close ties to the theocracy’s foreign ministry, purported to shed light on the matter Sunday by publishing an April 21 memo labeled “sensitive but unclassified” and addressed to Malley from Erin Smart, director of the Office of Personnel Security and Suitability in the Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security.

In the memo, Smart wrote that the office “has received information regarding you that raises serious security concerns and can be disqualifying under National Security Adjudicative Guidelines E (Personal Conduct), K (Handling Protected Information) and M (Use of Information Technology).”

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