Liberals Upset After Hannity Says His Parents Punished Him With A Belt As A Kid – Who Is Right?

Liberals are losing their minds after the Fox News host Sean Hannity revealed that he was given corporal punishment as a kid.

Hannity Defends Corporal Punishment 

Hannity was responding to a new study that found that parents raising their voices at children could be as damaging has sexual and physical abuse.

“Childhood verbal abuse desperately needs to be acknowledged as an abuse subtype because of the lifelong negative consequences,” said Dr. Shanta Dube, lead study author and director of Wingate University in North Carolina’s Master of Public Health program, according to Daily Mail. 

Hannity, however, was not having any of it.

“The snowflakes actually got offended that someone actually raised their voice slightly. Ohhh, the shame of it!” Hannity said. “By the way, when my father would hit me with a belt, I didn’t actually raise my voice.”

“How did this country — you know, we used to be the land of the free, home of the brave. What happened?” he continued. “When did we become the land of the snowflake?”

Hannity made similar comments back in 2014.

“I got hit with a strap, bam, bam, bam — and I’ve never been to a shrink — by my father. I would tell you that I deserved it,” he said at the time, according to Mediaite. “My father punched me in the face when I talked back to him once, and I deserved it.”

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Liberals Lose Their Minds

After Hannity’s latest comments, liberals were quick to lose their minds over the idea that he ever faced corporal punishment.

“This might explain some things,” one user commented, with a second user adding, “Sounds to me he might have some childhood trauma.”

“Wow. He says that like it’s okay,” a third user wrote. “As someone who survived abusive parents, him making light of being struck with a belt by his parent is not okay. I’m not a snowflake, I’m a survivor.”

“Sometimes I think the entire underlying cause of whether you will be liberal or conservative boils down to whether you were physically punished as a child,” commented a fourth user whose profile indicates that they are a proud liberal. A fifth user wrote, “I was spanked with the ping-pong paddle and wooden spoon. I certainly don’t think those were the good old days that should be brought back, nor am I a snowflake for hating it.”

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Others Defend Hannity

Others, however, understood what Hannity was saying.

“I got a belt, hand and a switch I had to get off a bush. I also am thankful every day for my parents. Taught me manners and to stay out of trouble,” one social media user commented. Another user added, “To be fair – we got the belt too when we acted up. We stopped acting up, and at 32, I actually thank my Pop for not coddling us and letting us run rampant.”

While some would say that it’s a good thing that beating a child with a belt would be seen as abuse these days, others would argue that it can’t be denied that Generation Z is perhaps the softest, most coddled generation that America has ever seen.

Liberals especially appear to be raising their children with as little discipline as possible these days, which results in them growing into adults who are nothing more than whiny spoiled brats. While many conservative parents appear to at least be sticking to verbal discipline, they are now being told that so much as raising their voices at their children could be as bad as sexually abusing them, thanks to this latest study.

What do you think about Hannity’s comments? Let us know in the comments section.

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