Report: Multiple Republicans Suggest Nominating Trump as New House Speaker, ‘Might Be Open’ to the Idea

On the very off chance this was to happen, the House of Representatives would become the single greatest show on Earth.

Multiple Republican representatives have suggested that they will nominate former President Donald Trump for Speaker of the House after Kevin McCarthy’s spectacular ouster on Tuesday.

Trump earned a single vote during the 15 rounds it took to elect McCarthy back in January, from Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), the man who spearheaded the drive to remove the latest Speaker.

Gaetz has yet to pinpoint exactly who he’d support to replace McCarthy, but it seems possible Trump will get more than the lone vote this time around.

Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX) kicked off the wild idea in a post on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, as he noted that McCarthy had already stated that he would not be running again.

“I nominate Donald J. Trump for Speaker of the House,” he wrote.

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Who Else Supports Trump For Speaker?

It’s difficult to ascertain if Nehls’ post was meant to be taken seriously, or if he was just trying to grab attention on social media. But a couple of his colleagues jumped on board.

Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL) simply wrote minutes later, “.@realDonaldTrump for Speaker,” adding an American flag emoji.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) offered one of the more stern declarations of support for Trump as Speaker.

“The only candidate for Speaker I am currently supporting is President Donald J. Trump,” she wrote on X. “We can make him Speaker and then elect him President!”

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Greene then listed off the many things he might accomplish as Speaker, which sounded more like a list of platforms for Trump’s campaign.

It should be noted that none of the three aforementioned Republicans supporting Trump for Speaker voted in favor of ousting McCarthy. Greene was probably his biggest cheerleader out of the bunch.

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Is Trump On Board?

Trump has been asked about the possibility of becoming Speaker of the House several times in the past, with most responses downplaying the idea.

That said, Fox News host Sean Hannity says he’s heard from sources who think the former President might be willing to give it a second look.

“Now, sources telling me at this hour, some House Republicans have been in contact with and have started an effort to draft former President Donald Trump to be the next speaker,” Hannity said during his Tuesday night program. “And I have been told that President Trump might be open to helping the Republican Party, at least in the short term if necessary, if it’s needed.”

Of course, this is never going to happen. There are too many moderate Republicans in the House who would vote against Trump’s nomination and certainly zero Democrats who would jump on board.

And therein lies the problem with the Republican party, doesn’t it? Never unified. Never winning.

That said, Trump himself, responding to Gaetz’ nomination last go-around, posted an amusing photoshopped image of what it might look like if he were named Speaker of the House.

Can you just imagine this scene at the next State of the Union?

While the move is possible, it seems rather unlikely that the current frontrunner for the GOP nomination would want to be bogged down with being Speaker.

The role has never been filled by anyone outside the chamber. However, the Constitution does not specifically state that the Speaker must be a House member. Anyone chosen by the House can serve as Speaker.

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