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The U.S. Marines currently have a shortage of camouflage uniforms. Are those words you ever thought you would see in print anywhere?

This is a prime example of the deterioration of the American Military under Joe Biden.

The United States has billions of dollars to give to the country of Ukraine, but not enough camouflage uniforms for our own soldiers.

From the Messenger via MSN:

Marines Grapple With Camouflage Uniform Shortage, Triggering Relaxed Dress Rules

Camouflage uniforms are designed so that it’s hard for the enemy to find US soldiers and troops. Now it’s becoming hard for Marines to find a uniform for themselves.

A shortage in camouflage uniform production has led Marine Corps leaders to relax the rules on what service members are required to wear for training.

And new recruits are also getting short-changed.

The everyday uniform for most Marines is the woodland-pattern camouflage combat utility uniform. But Marine Corps won’t have a full supply of that uniform until either summer or fall of 2024.

That means Marines will be allowed to wear the desert-colored combat utility uniform, or the flame-resistant organizational gear that’s also known as FROGs.

This is positively stunning.

A contract dispute or complaints about wages are just excuses. If this was seen as a priority, the job would get done. This is a pathetic sign of decline.

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