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Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade angrily confronted Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN) in an interview Wednesday morning over his vote to oust Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) as Speaker of the House. Burchett was one of a handful of Republicans who joined with every Democrat to support the successful motion to vacate the speakership offered by Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) on Tuesday. At one point in his contentious, condescending inquisition of Burchett, Kilmeade mocked Burchett for saying he prayed over his decision to vote on McCarthy.

Kilmeade repeatedly challenged Burchett–interrupting, talking over and hectoring him such that Burchett called him out several times for how he was conducting the interview, though Burchett remained calm and polite throughout the onslaught by Kilmeade.

Kilmeade: “What do you think this is going to do for the Republican Party and chances of holding on to leadership and the majority when it looks like you’re having, you’re the ring leader of a circus led by Matt Gaetz who likes to blow things up but not offer any new ideas? Are you happy following Matt Gaetz? Is that you’re leader?”

Burchett: “I’m not following Matt Gaetz. I made my own decision. I didn’t ask Matt for his approval…”

Kilmeade: (Talking over Burchett): “But if Gaetz didn’t challenge you wouldn’t go to challenge.”

Burchett: “Do what?”

Kilmeade: “If Matt Gaetz didn’t stand up, you weren’t gong to challenge, you know that.”

Burchett: “I believe, I believe I would have.”

Kilmeade: (Talking over Burchett) “Oh, come on!”

Burchett: “…and uh, and uh, oh well…”

Kilmeade: (Talking over Burchett) “Please? You were praying about it one minute, the next minute you’re gonna lead an insurgency?”

Burchett: “Sir, you don’t think that praying about it’s important? Is that what you’re saying?”

Kilmeade: (Talking over Burchett) “One, one minute you’re praying about how you’re going to vote with Matt Gaetz, and the next minute you’re gonna lead an insurgency?”

Burchett: “Listen, you’ve got a pre-determined answer to everything. I prayed about…”

Kilmeade: (Talking over Burchett) “No, I have, I have an opinion about what’s going on. You have an opinion, too.”

Burchett: “And you talk over me every time I try to make a point.”

Kilmeade: “Alright, make your point.”

Burchett: “The point is, is that we are 33 trillion dollars in debt. This speaker was woefully, woefully lacking in leadership skills. He always places the blame somewhere else. America’s gonna be better off with new leadership, and that’s the bottom line.”

Kilmeade: (Talking over Burchett) “Right, and who is it?”

Burchett: “May, possibly, possibly could be Steve Scalise, it could be Elise Stefanik, could be Roger Williams out of Texas, it could be um, uh, Mark Green out of Tennessee. Our bench is, is…”

Kilmeade: (Talking over Burchett): “So they all supported, they all supported Kevin McCarthy, including the most conservative guy I know, Jim Jordan. Why are you smarter than Jim Jordan and, and the two hundred and ten plus Republicans? Why are you smarter?”

Burchett: “I represent my district, brother, and why are you smarter than me? You’re condemning me because I, I stand up on my own, and that’s, that’s what I do.”

Kilmeade: (Talking over Burchett) “I’m not condemning you, I’m questioning you. You don’t like being questioned?”

Burchett: “No, you’re not. You’re, no, you’re just, the line of questioning is very negative, and you know that and I know that.

Kilmeade: (Tries and fails to talk over Burchett.)

Burchett: “And, and, when this is all over with, when this is all over with and we have a new speaker and we’re running smooth, let’s have this conversation again.”

Transcribed by TGP.

Burchett later commented to a supporter who was upset with Fox about the interview, “It’s fine. I think we handled it well.”

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