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New York City Mayor Eric Adams was on a four-day trip through Central and South America to try and discourage illegals from coming to New York. He was in Bogota, Colombia on Saturday and his reception was not all that great.

When Mayor Adams was asking questions about the journey toward the U.S. a man could be heard yelling “Shame on you Eric Adams!” in English.

Bogota is a port city in Colombia that thousands of illegal aliens use every year to get to the Darien Gap in Panama, which is a very dangerous path to reach North America.

New York Post reported:

BOGOTA, COLOMBIA — Mayor Eric Adams was heckled Saturday as he made his way through the Colombia port town that tens of thousands of migrants use each year to reach the Darién Gap, the treacherous jungle path smugglers use to bring them from South to North America.

“Shame on you Eric Adams!” a man yelled in English at Hizzoner as he was asking questions about the journey through Necoclí, according to a video from local media.

“It will increase the amount of violence against migrants across the United States!” the man screamed, apparently in response to Adams’ recent comments telling asylum seekers not to come to the Big Apple.

Before traveling to Necoclí, which sits on the east coast of the Gulf of Urabá, Adams was taken to undisclosed parts of the Darién Gap, on the other side of the gulf that connects Colombia to Panama.

He spent a good portion of his time talking to local politicians and called for “a global response” to the immigration crisis. When he was in Ecuador on Friday, he met with some of the families at a shelter who left Venezuela but was not received in a positive way.

It does seem odd that a U.S. city mayor is acting like an ambassador, which is the jurisdiction of the Federal Government.

The Gateway Pundit reported on Mayor Adams when he started his journey in Puebla, Mexico.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams traveled to Puebla, Mexico on Thursday and delivered a message as convoluted and confusing as Joe Biden’s immigration policies.

In late September, The Gateway Pundit also reported that New York Democrats distributed flyers at the southern border telling the illegals “you are better off” somewhere else.

New York Democrats distributed flyers at the US-Mexico border telling illegals to “consider another city.”

Last month, Mayor Eric Adam’s office announced this plan to “combat misinformation at the border.”

The flyers will be in both Spanish and English and will warn the illegals that New York City is the most expensive city in the world so they will be better off somewhere else.

How interesting that a sanctuary city run by Democrats who have been all for illegal immigration is now troubled by the flood of illegal aliens. Leftist ideas sound compassionate coming from those Democrat leaders until it’s at their front door.

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