Suozzi enters race for former House seat amid Santos’ troubles

“Today I’m filing a committee to run for Congress in November 2024,” Suozzi said in a statement. “The madness in Washington, D.C., and the absurdity of George Santos remaining in the United States Congress is obvious to everyone.”

Suozzi said he expects a formal campaign kickoff after the local elections Nov. 7.

The move comes as the parties gear up in New York in at least six House races that are expected to be competitive as they battle next year over control of the chamber. One of those will be the Santos’ seat, and several Democrats are already vying to be the party’s nominee.

If Santos resigns, a special election would be called, and county party leaders would pick a nominee.

On the Democratic side, Zak Malamed raised $302,000 in the last three months, leaving him with $524,000 on hand. Malamed is a Democratic fundraiser, but other announced Democrats like former state Sen. Anna Kaplan and 2022 candidate Josh Lafazan have been bringing in big money too, tapping into that anti-Santos spirit.

Kaplan knocked Suozzi’s entry into the race.

“After almost a year of this district having embarrassing representation, Tom Suozzi thinks voters on Long Island have forgotten that he abandoned us to George Santos,” Kaplan said in a statement. “The Democratic Party is a pro-choice party, and unlike Tom Suozzi, I will always stand up for a woman’s right to choose — period.”

“Cuomo apologist and third-place loser Tom Suozzi just couldn’t stay away after his embarrassing loss for governor last year. Voters resoundingly rejected him already and they haven’t forgotten why.” said National Republican Campaign Committee Spokesperson Savannah Viar.

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