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These 5 in-demand AI jobs pay $100,000 or more—and can be done from home

You don’t need to work in tech to land a lucrative artificial intelligence job. 

The industries where AI skills are most in demand aren’t necessarily the most obvious ones, according to new research from LinkedIn. Professional services, administrative and support services, retail and manufacturing all trump tech as the top industries hiring for AI-related roles since December 2022. 

Overall, job postings on LinkedIn that mention either AI or generative AI more than doubled globally between July 2021 and July 2023. Other job search platforms have also observed a rise in open AI roles. 

“On Indeed, searches for generative AI jobs have increased almost 4,000% in the last year, and job postings for these jobs are up 306% in the same period,” says Trey Causey, head of responsible AI at Indeed

But some roles are more sought-after than others. Here are the five most in-demand AI jobs companies are hiring for right now, according to data from Indeed and ZipRecruiter exclusively shared with CNBC Make It: 

  1. Data scientist
  2. Software engineer
  3. Data engineer
  4. Research scientist 
  5. Product manager 

To compile the list, CNBC Make It analyzed data from ZipRecruiter on the top AI jobs posted on its platform between January and October 2023 and data from Indeed on the top AI jobs on its platform between April and October. We then identified the five jobs that appeared on both lists. These five jobs are among the most in-demand AI jobs that companies are hiring for on both platforms.

Per ZipRecruiter, the average salaries for these roles all exceed $100,000. Data scientists have the lowest average salary, $127,128, while product managers have the highest average salary, $153,698. 

What’s more, all of these jobs can be done from home — and there are thousands of open remote opportunities for each role right now.

Although demand for technical AI roles like software engineer and data scientist has steadily risen in the past year, companies are also looking to hire professionals with AI literacy for non-technical roles like supply chain specialist and sales manager, per LinkedIn.

As the report notes, demand for AI talent and skills in a variety of roles “will continue to increase as more companies embrace AI across their workflows.”

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