Trump Releases Statement Indicating Willingness to Serve as Speaker of the House: Commits to ‘Doing Whatever is Necessary’ in Short-Term | The Gateway Pundit

Former President Donald Trump has made it clear that he is not only considering running for President in 2024 but is also open to serving as the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

On Wednesday, Trump confirmed that he has been approached about the possibility of becoming the next Speaker of the House. He emphasized his commitment to doing “whatever’s best for the country and for the Republican Party.”

“A lot of people have been talking to me about Speaker. All I can say is we’ll do whatever’s best for the country and for the Republican Party,” said Trump.

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier that Trump is considering a trip to Congress ahead of the Speaker vote. According to Politico, Trump may make a trip to Congress where he is open to pitching himself as a speaker candidate. The full GOP will meet Tuesday for an internal “candidate forum,” and Trump’s visit, if it happens, would come sometime before the lawmakers’ internal speaker election set for Wednesday.

Donald Trump recently issued a statement on Truth Social declaring his intentions.

“I am running for President, have a 62 Point lead over Republicans, and am up on Crooked Joe Biden, despite the Democrat Party’s massive Law-fare, Weaponization, and Election Interference efforts, by 4 to 11 Points, but will do whatever is necessary to help with the Speaker of the House selection process, short term, until the final selection of a GREAT REPUBLICAN SPEAKER is made – A Speaker who will help a new, but highly experienced President, ME, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” Trump wrote.

Trump on Wednesday also posted a photo of himself as the Speaker of the House.


Trump’s statement came in response to calls from several conservatives, including Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), Troy Nehls (R-TX), and Greg Steube (R-FL), urging him to consider the role.

Greene, a staunch supporter of Trump, outlined a comprehensive list of reasons for her endorsement, emphasizing Trump’s previous four-year record as President and his potential to bring transformative changes to the country.

“The only candidate for Speaker I am currently supporting is President Donald J. Trump,” Greene announced on Tuesday following McCarthy’s removal.

She went on to list a series of ambitious goals she believes Trump will achieve if elected as Speaker:

  • End the war in Ukraine: Greene asserts that Trump has the diplomatic skills to bring an end to the ongoing conflict.
  • Secure the border: A cornerstone of Trump’s previous administration, Greene believes he will finally achieve this long-standing goal.
  • End the politically weaponized government: Greene accuses the current administration of using governmental power for political ends and believes Trump will put a stop to it.
  • Make America energy independent again: Greene supports Trump’s previous efforts to make the U.S. less reliant on foreign energy.
  • Pass legislation to stop transgender surgeries on kids and keep men out of women’s sports: A controversial point, but one that Greene firmly stands by.
  • Support our military and police: Greene emphasizes Trump’s commitment to law enforcement and national defense.
  • And more

Greene emphasized Trump’s “proven 4-year record as President of the United States of America,” citing it as a compelling reason for her endorsement.

Congressman Troy Nehls also announced that he will nominate former President Donald J. Trump for Speaker of the House.

“When the U.S. House of Representatives reconvenes, my first order of business will be to nominate Donald J. Trump for Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives,” Nehls said in a statement.

“President Trump, the greatest President of my lifetime, has a proven record of putting America First and will make the House great again,” he added.

“Many America First Patriots support my nomination of Donald J. Trump as the next Speaker of the House. I have personally spoken with Rep. Paulina Luna (R-FL), Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL), Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX), Rep. Barry Moore (R-AL), and many others. Let’s make America and the House Great Again!,” Nehls wrote.

In another post, Nehls wrote, “I’ve been contacted by multiple Members of Congress willing to support and offer nomination speeches for Donald J. Trump to be Speaker of the House. Next week is going to be HUGE.”

Donald Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon also weighed in and stated, “The best thing we can do right now is have Pres Trump in an interim basis… as interim Speaker of the House for 100 days to sort this thing out & get it in the right direction… Think about it for a second. How would the established order accept that?”

Trump also retruthed Wayne Root’s article published in The Gateway Pundit.

As Wayne Root discussed in his article, “I trust no House Speaker to actually support Trump for President in 2024. House Speaker Trump is the only one I trust to support Presidential candidate Trump.”

“Think of what Trump could do as Speaker? Stop any increase in the debt ceiling. Defund the DOJ, FBI, CIA, IRS, Dept. of Education, and of course “the border czar” Kamala Harris.”

“So, Team Trump, MAGA, and America-First…80 million strong… it’s time to call your Congressperson and demand an official on-the-record vote for Donald J. Trump for House Speaker. Start dialing!”

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