Tucker Carlson Episode 30 Drops: “What’s Happening at the Southern Border Isn’t Just an Invasion, But a Crime” (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Tucker Carlson on Thursday dropped episode 30 of his show on X.

“What’s happening at the southern border isn’t just an invasion, but a crime. The politicians and NGOs responsible for it are criminals, who should be punished accordingly,” Tucker said.

“Nations are defined by the people who live in them. That is the most basic of all observations about the world,” Tucker said in his opening monologue.

Tucker Carlson called Biden’s open borders policies a “crime” and “election rigging on a mass scale.”

“It’s fueled by anti-white racial hostility,” Tucker said. “That is not a guess…”

Journalist Todd Bensman joined Tucker from Piedras Negras, Mexico just across the border from Eagle Pass, Texas.

Bensman said illegal aliens from 160 different countries are crossing the border – Africans, and Middle Easterners are among the illegals pouring over the border thanks to Joe Biden.

Tucker also interviewed Dominik Tarczynski, a member of the European Parliament from Poland.

Tarczynski is unapologetic about his stance on never allowing illegals or Muslims into Poland.

“Not one illegal immigrant in Poland. Ever,” Tarczynski said.


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