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Twitter says it’s hiring again, but doesn’t list any jobs

After slashing its workforce to the bone, Twitter/X says it’s ready to start staffing up again.

CEO Linda Yaccarino, speaking with CNBC Thursday, said the period of contraction is over and the company is looking to expand as it navigates its evolution to the X identity.

“I get to come in and shift from this cost discipline to growth and what does growth mean? Growth means hiring,” she said.

Perhaps so, but as of Friday morning, the company does not have any jobs listed on its careers site or on LinkedIn. (All jobs listed for X point to the Google-owned moonshot division.)

Going to work for the company would require a big leap of faith for tech workers. Beyond his housecleaning at the company soon after he took over, owner Elon Musk has allegedly failed to live up to some of the promises he made to former staffers, including one to pay at least half of their bonuses last year. (He’s facing a possible class-action lawsuit for that.)

Another suit claims the company sent roughly 2,000 fired workers to arbitration to resolve claims, after which Musk would simply not show up. Former top executives, meanwhile, are suing the company for not paying legal fees they are owed in connection with their role as former corporate officers.

For the workers that remained, he sent a middle-of-the-night email, demanding they adopt an “extremely hardcore” work culture and they would be expected to work “long hours at high intensity.” Those that didn’t commit to that, he said, would be let go.

Many more workers declined to sign on than he expected. And several of the ones who did were let go later, despite the long hours they put in at the company, with cuts coming as recently as February.

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