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A woman was arrested for allegedly punching and spitting on a Utah mayor this week.

Linnea Pugmire, 31, was arrested by police after assaulting Orem Mayor David Young.

The Mayor attended a city council meeting which was reported on by Linnea Pugmire’s mother, Genelle Pugmire, for the Daily Herald. Afterward, Linnea confronted Mayor Young about his criticism of her mother and shouted “How dare you?” Young responded to Linnea: “How dare you? Get out of my face!”

At this point, Linnea Pugmire lunged at Young, spat on him, and punched him.

NBC News:

The mayor of Orem, Utah, was allegedly spit on and punched by the adult daughter of a newspaper reporter he allegedly disparaged during a City Council meeting this week.

Linnea Pugmire, 31, was arrested Tuesday evening by Orem police after confronting Mayor David Young in a heated skirmish caught on video.

The faceoff unfolded after Young spent about 20 minutes at Tuesday’s meeting discussing articles about himself and the council by reporter Genelle Pugmire in the local newspaper, Daily Herald, dismissing them as “off the rails” and “overly ridiculous.”

Video of the confrontation, shared by a witness with NBC affiliate KSL of Salt Lake City, showed the moment the younger Pugmire said “How dare you?” to Young, who quipped, “How dare you? Get out of my face!” and Pugmire spat at him.

The video shows Pugmire confronting Mayor Young and then spitting on him. The lady next to him says, “Did you spit on him?” Mayor Young put his hands out to keep her away and she came back swinging. She also took a swing at the lady standing next to him.

“So she charges towards me, she spits at me, she hits the girl next to me and so when that happened, obviously I wasn’t real happy about that. So I grabbed her by the chest and started to push her back to get her away from us,” Mayor Young told the media.


Pugmire was arrested on one count of assault and threatening elected officials. She was upset that the Mayor disagreed with the way her mother Genelle Pugmire was reporting in The Daily Herald which is their local newspaper.

Fox 13 had reached out to the Daily Herald. The Editor did not have any comments at this time. They tried to reach Genelle Pugmire and did not receive a response. They did hear back from Linnea who had no comments.

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