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What happened to Heidi Planck? Search goes on for missing mom

Nearly two years since Heidi Planck disappeared, her friends and family, including her 13-year-old son, have no answers as to what happened to the 39-year-old mother.

Surveillance video shows her going into a downtown L.A. apartment building, but never leaving. A search for her body in a Castaic landfill yielded no answers.

“We are kind of nowhere because they haven’t found anything,” said Jim Wayne, Planck’s ex-husband. “I’m just hopeful that if somebody saw something, they would come forward and say, ‘I know who did it.’ ”

Now, trying to encourage possible witnesses to come forward and to make sure that Planck’s case stays in the public eye, Planck’s friends have helped post her picture on billboards across Los Angeles, hoping someone will come forward with answers.

“Maybe they’ll trigger somebody’s guilty conscience,” said Danielle Nadolny, a friend of Planck’s. “Maybe she’s dead, but where is the body? Or who had the ability to hide her body so well that the most elite detectives in Los Angeles can’t find her?”

“MISSING MOM,” the billboards read in large red letters, along with pictures of Planck.

For the month of October, the billboards are expected to stay up, drawing the attention of drivers and pedestrians along busy streets near the intersections of Venice Boulevard and Olive Street, Olympic Boulevard and Hill Street, and 12th Street and South Broadway, and on the westbound side of the 10 Freeway near San Pedro Street.

“At the end of the day, when a mother gets thrown out like trash and discarded like that, it pisses a lot of people off,” said a friend of Planck’s who helped arrange for the advertisements, but asked not to be identified to protect her privacy.

She said the billboards, which display Planck’s image and the hashtag “#FindHeidiPlanck,” were donated by the owners of the billboards, Clear Channel Outdoor.

Officials at Clear Channel Outdoor did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Planck was reported missing by Wayne, who called police three days after she didn’t show up to pick up their son from school.

Planck was last seen Oct. 17, 2021, when, according to Wayne, she left in the middle of their son’s football game after looking “a little antsy.”

“I just remember her saying, “I’ve got to leave,” he said at the time.

Police would later find that Planck at one point made her way to a luxury apartment in downtown L.A., where she did not live, on South Hope Street.

Planck’s dog was found inside the apartment building. Police said forensic evidence found inside the building “led detectives to believe an incident occurred resulting in Planck’s death.”

But what happened to Planck inside the building, and why surveillance video of the building showed her going into the building, but not out, is unknown.

In November, the investigation into Planck’s disappearance led investigators to a landfill in Castaic. Heavy machinery could be seen digging through the area, but to no avail. What happened to her, and what happened to her body, are still a mystery to family and friends.

This week, LAPD officials said Planck’s case, which is being handled by the department’s Robbery-Homicide division, is still open and actively being worked.

Wayne said October is a difficult time for him and their son, who are still grappling with the lack of answers. Sometimes, the two stay up at night, remember Planck and try to encourage each other that there will be answers, at some point.

“This is not an easy endeavor,” Wayne said. “It’s a rough time of year for the little guy because it just brings all this stuff up.”

Still, he said he’s encouraged that the LAPD has continued chasing leads in the case.

Planck’s friend, who helped arrange the billboards, said she hopes the advertisements serve as a reminder to anyone involved in Planck’s disappearance that, even as time goes by, the pressure to find answers won’t stop.

“It’s not going away,” she said. “It’s been two years, and it’s only going to get louder and louder.”

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