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Woman injured after her car collides with Metro train in Pasadena

A woman driving a car in Pasadena was hospitalized with serious injuries Thursday morning after colliding with a Metro A-line train, according to authorities.

The crash occurred around 9:20 a.m. at Raymond Avenue and California Boulevard, city spokesperson Lisa Derderian said. The woman in her 40s was the only person in the Toyota Corolla that was hit. She was extricated from her vehicle and transported to a hospital about a block away for serious injuries.

“She’s conscious and talking, which is good because the vehicle is totaled,” Derderian said.

There were about 50 passengers on the train. No passengers were injured in the crash. Out of precaution, the train conductor was transported to a hospital to be medically evaluated.

The crash damaged the infrastructure to the train crossing, which could take a day or two to repair, Derderian said. Train service at the station was suspended during the investigation as officials waited for the car to be towed Thursday morning. Buses were being used to move passengers to the next train stops either north or south.

The cause of the crash is under investigation and officers are interviewing witnesses.

Although Derderian said it’s not necessarily the case with this incident, it’s also “not common that we have drivers that don’t abide by traffic rules and stop prior to the crossing.”

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